How the Berkshire Eagle Ruined 3rd Thursday

For readers from outside the Pittsfield area, please permit me to write a bit about a local happening that’s been effected by our local liberal newspaper.

A few years ago our City began an excellent event called 3rd Thursday, where our main street, North St., was shut down to traffic to allow for shoppers, street vendors and live entertainment.

It was wildly successful, building upon our nostalgic past, when stores in downtown Pittsfield were open late, because the 14,000 or so folks who worked at the Pittsfield General Electric enjoyed substantial paychecks on that same day.

Earlier this year, at the very first 3rd Thursday event, I was having a late dinner at MadJack’s BBQ with my wife around 8pm.

This restaurant is on North St. directly across the road from Melville St., where our Boys Club and CYC are located.

The following day, the front page of our paper reported that there was a huge brawl on Melville St., involving 100 people.

My wife and I never saw a thing and we were right there, at a window seat, at the same moment it allegedly occurred.

Teenagers, especially boys, are almost always pushing and shoving each other.

Does that constitute a brawl?

I had clients in town last night, they’re police officers from Florida.

Not so jokingly, I asked them if they were carrying, as we walked three blocks from Park Square toward my daughter’s Haitian handbag booth.

That’s how one-sided the 3rd Thursday crowd has become.

Ever since our local paper dumped on this event, families with young children and couples are much harder to find, whereas when it started, they overwhelmed the population.

Now, all you see are teenagers and folks who don’t look like they’re there to spend money, but to take it.

For the most part, our local paper prophesied their way into a deeply damaged happening.

Words have consequences.

Thanks Berkshire Eagle–but you did not bring good things to life.

Next time get the facts before you wreak havoc on what so many hard-working locals were doing to help all the small businesses, including yours.


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