Socialism vs Capitalism–What Would Darwin Say?

The more that commentary from both candidates is analyzed, the clearer it becomes that this election boils down to a choice between a President who trusts the government to make things “fair,” or one who trusts natural selection.

Wait…what did he just say?

The first question is this…who says life is supposed to be fair?

In Darwin’s world, only the strongest survive.

Don’t forget, we’re not allowed to have any religion in politics here in America…”separation” y’know.

Socialism though, is like a religion, where survival of the fittest is considered sin.

In President Obama’s denomination, the strongest have their DNA (Dollars Not Allowed) given to those not quite as capable, or willing, to survive.

That can’t happen in the animal kingdom.

The weak simply get swallowed up.

The question then becomes, by government then manipulating the system so the weaker take from the stronger, without earning it, does it not then make our society weaker as a whole?

Here’s the bottom line.

Just as Jesus said, “you will always have the poor among you”…the truth is, there will always be the rich among us.

In my view, a noble objective in life for a Christian is to do one of two things.

1. Give up everything now and follow Him, living a completely poured out life.


2. Determine to be a success and then give of your bounty to those in need.

By world standards, most of us are super-rich.

We don’t live in a hut and we own land.

Most of you reading this, except for my Monk friends in Petersham at the Holy Trinity Monastery, have the opportunity to make America better with money you earn.

When we train ourselves to give, out of Love for our God who demands holiness and charity, then and only then are we, the stronger of the species, able to grow stronger still.

Those who hoard are burdened by fear of losing what death will ultimately take away.

Listen to President Obama in this gotcha recording from 1998 as he, in his ignorance of human natural selection, tries to manipulate the development of the species.

You can’t deny that he’s good at finessing the point, but, it’s still socialism no matter how cute he sounds.

This is the core belief of our President of the United States…no wonder we’re borrowing $3.5 billion a day just to pay our bills.

Scientifically speaking, America is about to become economically extinct.


3 Responses to “Socialism vs Capitalism–What Would Darwin Say?”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hi James. Why don’t you tell #2 to Mitt? Maybe then he’d start paying his fair share of taxes!

  2. Draco Porphyreus Says:

    Susan, although it is true that if Mitt stopped donating so much of his income to charity, the amount he would have to pay in income taxes would go up (he would have no charitable deductions) there is still no recognized definition of “fair share of taxes.” There never has been and never can be a valid definition; the concept of fairness is a mental construct and is, therefore, totally subjective.Thus, the only persons who can know what “fair” means are solipsists.

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