What Should Board Do With Bad CEO?

Those on the left who refuse to acknowledge our economy is racing toward a cliff at 90 miles an hour because of our unsustainable debt…maybe…just maybe…I can get them to look at the President’s own words.

In this video, our fearful leader can be heard speaking the truth to his board of directors…us.

We really can’t hold Mr. Obama entirely responsible for his failures.

We the voters gave him the job.

By the way, all Americans, even those below our poverty level, are still in the top 25% of the wealthiest people in the world.

So we can’t blame the rich for his failure, because all Americans are rich compared to countries like Haiti.

Imagine for a minute that a person applied for a job as the CEO of the largest corporation in the world, and the only thing he ever organized, that was of a grand scale, was the Million Man March, alongside Louis Farrakhan.

Yet we hired him anyway.

Mr. President, thank you for predicting what would happen if your stimulus programs failed.

It’s refreshing to hear you tell it like it is.

Wait…I just got a call from the New York Times, the comments the President made are Bush’s fault.

Sorry folks, I stand corrected.


One Response to “What Should Board Do With Bad CEO?”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    Saying the stimulus program failed and therefor we should change presidents is something like looking at this picture and saying that wearing a seat belt failed to save this fellow’s life and therefor we should abolish seat belts. http://academictips.org/blogs/wp-content/uploads/texting-while-driving1.jpg

    In case you missed it, part of Mitt’s convention stump speech was to say, “I wish President Obama would have succeeded because I want America to succeed,” though Comedy Central dug out Fox News footage of him the week after the president’s inauguration saying how he hoped the president’s policies *wouldn’t* succeed! If you believe that convention speech you’ll probably believe just about anything… and that seems to be exactly what Romney and Ryan are desperately hoping for at this point.

    The country’s economic problems came from simultaneously trying to fight two wars while eliminating taxes on the rich, together with a train wreck of sub-prime mortgage collapse caused by an under-regulated banking sector. Those are precisely the policies the GOP is trying to return to. As FDR pointed out nearly 80 years ago, just as one avoids speaking of rope in the house of a man who had been hung to death, so one should avoid speaking of a recession in front of Republicans. And still…

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