The Rosary Bead/Salem Witch Test

About a year ago my wife and I were in North Jersey near the Newark Airport.

We went into an I-Hop for breakfast.

To my delight, I noticed several men wearing rosary beads around their necks.

Remember, I’m from rural Pittsfield…so I’m a bit behind when it comes to street smarts.

I thought for sure these guys were devout Catholics until my daughter called to check in.

She let me know that the beads around their necks were a gang symbol.

Really?…I wasn’t even mad.  (Will Ferrell)

We Christians need to remember that God gave us two eyes and two ears for a reason…to see and hear doubly hard, before we speak.

The latest uproar in the Drudge-o-sphere is a teenage boy in Colorado whose rosary beads were taken away by the school because they felt they were a gang symbol.

Of course the typical reaction from both sides flared up.

Here’s my outside the box solution.

Do the Salem Witch test.

If a teenager wants to wear rosary beads in school he must be able to recite a Hail Mary flawlessly, otherwise they get taken away…and the beads, not him, get burned at the stake.

In Salem, if an accused witch or warlock could not recite the Our Father, they hung them.

In hindsight, even though I know now that these men were probably gang members, I wish that I had said to them, “God bless you for wearing rosary beads in public.”

Imagine their reaction?

Someone finally “caught them” doing well.

The light of Christ lies deep within every soul at birth–John 1.

One of the best ways to help a person see that light is to assume that they have Holy intentions.

God knows we all need them.

Give all you meet the benefit of the doubt, i.e. that they too want to find Christ as you have, then watch how quickly they start memorizing their prayers.


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