Feds Monopoly on Funny Money

It’s a federal offense to print funny money.

Yet, it’s been on going now for the past four years in amounts the average mind, like mine, cannot fathom.

No, I’m not talking about quality paper leaking in from North Korea, or other parts of Asia, where copying and printing technology are cutting edge.

I’m referring to yet another decision by the Federal Reserve to simply print more money for the sake of printing more money.

Permit me if you will to break this down into the simplest terms.

Imagine for a minute that America was playing the game of Monopoly with the rest of the countries in the world.

During the game Uncle Sam kept sneaking hundred-dollar bills by the fistfuls from his sleeve into the stash stacked in front of him, in plain view.

After a while, the rest of the countries, realizing they can’t win, would no longer want to play in a game so obviously rigged.

They start another game, but, this time using different currency.

They know that “poor sport America” can’t get that currency from their private printing press.

With Hope and Change getting a second chance, I see America becoming Egypt-west very soon; not much more than a tourist destination, begging for visitors with a higher value dollar.

Rioting in the streets would also be a daily event.

As proud as I am of American exceptionalism, I’m ashamed of a Federal Reserve and a President for their gross misunderstanding and/or deliberate negligence regarding world economics.

They’re watering down the value of the few dollars we have now and causing very important things like gasoline to spike upward.

Listen folks, this is not new, this is stimulus package round three.

How else can you explain why gasoline consumption is way down yet prices are way up?

This impacts food prices too.

And please don’t tell me about flair-ups in the middle east…we’ve been in a war in Iraq since 2003.

None suffers more during inflationary periods than those on fixed incomes.

This is Obama’s America, where he claims to be helping the poor, when in reality, he’s their worst enemy.

PS…Our credit rating was down graded again.  Way to go, more Ben and Barry’s Ice Cream making us sick…does Michelle know about your all sugar diet?


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