Ambassador Murdered–Reporters Blame Romney

Mr. President…you must be kidding?

Your comments last night in Las Vegas were so un-Presidential.

How can the Commander-in-Chief of this great country, while our ambassador to Libya lies dead in a Muslim morgue, at the hands of a coordinated 9/11 attack, possibly go to a campaign event with cheering Democrats and flags waving, as if nothing more pressing mattered than his re-election?

In my view, you have lost whatever ounce of credibility you had with undecided voters.

This was an act of war sir, not a food fight in the cafeteria.

Here’s more proof of the Democrats’ priority today.

If you’re wondering why the left-wing media is attacking Romney in this video, it’s because they too have no interest in discussing the President’s foreign policy failures.

My dear readers, this is unacceptable behavior and unbecoming of a U.S. President and their Democrat operatives calling themselves journalists.

All this comes in the wake of Obama’s unwillingness to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, who fears for the very existence of his country, from an Iran promising to wipe Jews off the map.

Do your job Mr. President and Main Stream Media and maybe you might earn a vote or two for a few liberal ideas.


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