How to Oppose a Conservative

One of the easiest ways a conservative big mouth like myself can gauge whether or not he’s making any headway, is how the counter-arguments from the left are framed.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed, after pointing out liberal shortcomings and failed efforts, the rebuttals are almost never about the subject of my message, but almost entirely personal.

Before I get my nose tweaked, there are a few out there who put quality time into their remarks and make good arguments, but, for the most part, they’re rare.

If you want to impress us pontificating boars, or any other conservative, (not that anyone cares) at least try to stay on message.

You’ll never get on MSNBC without those skills…you’ll have to run for Congress in Massachusetts.

I recently wrote a letter to the editor that riled a few Democrats in our community.

Instead of addressing the issue I brought up, about the credibility of a particular candidate, who lied about her heritage, I was given several lessons on how a real Christian is supposed to act.

What the heck…I may as well go off message myself.

Since we’re talking about Christ-like behavior, in my view, “real Christians” would never support an ideology that leaves God out of its platform and only puts it back because of internal polling.

Am I making that up?


Oh…you say I should be more tolerant of minor oversights?


…Mr. President, I forgive you forgetting God and while I’m at it you’re also absolved (Catholic reference) for the following:

  • Taking our national debt from $10.6 Trillion to $16 Trillion
  • Bringing Family Median Income down from $55k to $51k
  • Letting gas prices go from $1.84 a gallon to $3.84 a gallon
  • Giving $500 Million to Solyndra owning campaign friends who pleaded the 5th before Congress

Should I keep going, or have I demonstrated enough Christian charity yet?


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