Clint Eastwood and the 100’th Monkey

In spite of liberal screeching sounds over Clint Eastwood’s dismantling of an invisible Obama, The Outlaw Josie Wales has decided to come back and kick up more dust about the President.

No, he didn’t need Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight to make his message clear; he used the local paper.

Thank God there’s at least one out there that’s not worshiping at the altar of Barack.

The Carmel Pine Cone did an interview this week; here’s the latest that Clint had to say, from an article by Paul Miller.

President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people…Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that’s what everybody needs to know…

Here’s why I think the President’s days as Commander-in-Chief are numbered.

It’s a theory called the 100’th monkey.

Wikipedia says this about it;

By generalization it means the instantaneous spreading of an idea…to the remainder of a population once a certain portion of that population has heard of the new idea…by some unknown process currently beyond the scope of science.

I can assure you that the unknown process I’m talking about is The Carmel Pine Cone.

You never heard of it until now.

Yet, here we are, reading Paul Miller’s story, promoted by the Drudge Report, where it now has the potential to be read by 300 million people.

The idea is this…Romney and Ryan are better.

Prove me wrong.

Every Which Way But Loose is an Eastwood Movie about an orangutan monkey.

So prophetic.

Almost as prophetic as the President predicting that if he can’t turn the economy around in 4 years it’ll be a one-term proposition.

Yesterday’s jobs report, revealing that nearly 400,000 people simply gave up looking for work, is about the worst possible news that could have happened coming out of the Democratic National Convention.

Mr. President, you have one chance at removing the word “hoax” from your legacy.

Concede defeat right now and keep at least one promise…but then again you’d be cheating yourself.

You’ve still got a few more rounds of golf to play on our dime.


One Response to “Clint Eastwood and the 100’th Monkey”

  1. Dril Says:

    The 100th Monkey effect has been proved scientifically to be false

    Please don’t discredit everything said because you see the word “skeptic”.

    Also, I remain mystified at the logical leaps you make in many of your posts. What is Eastwood saying that has not been heard literally countless times before by other high profile pundits. You’re acting like Obama is universally agreed to be The Greatest President of All Time, and that Clint Eastwood is suddenly dropping this unheard-of bombshell of truth on us all. Hardly.

    Finally, what even is the point of mentioning Obama playing golf (on the taxpayer’s dime… GASP!) All presidents play golf because all presidents are extremely powerful, entitled people. President Bush played a ton of golf. Clinton played. Reagan played. Etc. etc. The same goes for the “heinous, tone-deaf vacations” Obama takes that you often bring up (look up President Bush’s vacation record for a sobering dose of reality). This whole vein of criticism is completely ridiculous from every ideological standpoint unless you support a candidate who has publicly promised: “I will not play golf or take vacations on taxpayer money”

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