Richie Neal Wins–In Spite of His War on Women

It must have been over 30 years ago that I wrote my first letter to a Congressman.

For some reason I heard that our beloved rep here in the Massachusetts 1st Congressional district, Silvio O. Conte, a devout Catholic, had made a Pro-Choice vote.

Without email to rely upon or an Internet to cross-check what I thought I heard, I sat down and wrote him a letter asking “Why?”

About two weeks later I received an answer, signed by the Congressman.

It went something like this.

Dear Mr. Massery,

I am a solid Pro Life voter.

I believe in the sanctity of human life and have never voted to provide federal funding for abortions….

I can’t remember every word, and sadly, I didn’t save the letter, but I won’t forget how it made me feel.

Those days are not necessarily gone.

We just re-elected Pro-Life Democrat Richie Neal.

Other than when his opponents condemned him, the local press barely mentioned his “war-on-women-like” Pro-Life position.

They disagreed with it, but still supported him.

Weird right?

I guess we finally have something in common.

Yes, I respected and encouraged our local guy Andrea Nuciforo, who I publicly asked to run as a Silvio Conte Republican, in a letter to the editor.

He didn’t take my advice and stayed the course veering as far to the left as possible.

He lost by a margin of more than 2-1 to Mr. Neal.

News flash Andy…there are a few more devout Catholics in our district than there are devout Feminists.

You made the statement that this is a bad time to be an incumbent.

You were close, but not exactly on target.

This is a bad time to be a Liberal.


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