DNC…No God?…No Problem…No Democracy Either

Over the past 48 hours, the only real publicity the Democrat National Convention has been able to generate, other than Mrs. Obama’s swoon speech and Bill Clinton’s history lesson, is how the Dems removed God and Capital Jerusalem from their platform.

The pressure from Chuck Schumer must’ve gotten to them.  I’d also bet big the Methodist Minister in the video you need to see below had nothing to do with their 180.

The party-line, until 5 pm Wednesday, went something like this–Anyone who questioned the Democrats’ love for God and Capital Jerusalem was being mean-spirited and dishonest; those words didn’t need to be in the platform, because everyone knows how Godly and Pro-Israel Mr. Obama is.

Like I said…up until 5pm yesterday.

Guess who blinked?

That’s right…Michelle’s main-squeeze got caught with his hand in the Secular Humanist Mullah-Jar.

Dear readers…if you do nothing else, watch this video and see for yourself the percentage of Democrats who don’t want God and beloved Jerusalem added back to their party platform.

By a voice vote, it seemed to me they were split right down the middle–50-50.

You’re not gonna believe what they do.

Actually, this shouldn’t surprise too many…if they can ignore America, screaming at the top of her lungs regarding the Obamacare debacle, why not ignore their own delegates? FYI, the Arabic writing on the T-Shirt of the very demonstrative “no-voter” says “Yalla Vote,” which means, “Hurry Up and Vote”…it probably should have said “Khudda Vote”…You’ll need to ask a Lebanese what that means.  This is a G-Rated blog.


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