Hit-Man Al Gore and His Top 10 Suggestions

Is it me, or is anyone else noticing a pattern here?

Any time the left wants to float a trial balloon that infringes on our freedoms, out trots Mr. Gore.

His latest amazing recommendation, as a follow-up to American businesses buying carbon offsets, is to get rid of the Electoral College.

Wow Al…you really are looking out for the little guy again.

Here are my top ten predictions for that which Mr. Gore might be suggesting next–to “help” America.

10. No more guns for citizens. (Just Mexican drug dealers)

9. No more Senators because they give little States too much power. (Especially if Todd Akin gets elected in Missouri.)

8. Pre-approved foods for all our children. (Remember the Anti-Jemima’s in the North Carolina School Cafeteria?)

7. Gender selection and post delivery abortions. (It’s already happening, but discreetly and through loopholes.)

6. No more term limits on the Presidency. (That was actually Clinton’s wish.)

5. Death panels for the elderly. (Read Obamacare, page 37 million.)

4. Voting rights for illegals, prisoners and dead Democrats going back 50 years.  (We call them hanging cadavers.)

3. No more border patrol. (Just toll booths.)

2. Double voting rights for minorities, to make up for past indiscretions by evil land owners. (Ask Acorn for the paperwork…that’s happening now too.)

And finally–the number 1–soon to be made suggestion to help America–by Al Gore.

1. Ban all Clint Eastwood movies. (I heard someone in Hollywood reported a bonfire Thursday night that smelled like burning DVD’s and Backwoods Cigars.)


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