The Only Open Door

Occasionally I get a bit drowsy from eating the wrong foods.

Last night was a bad time to experience such a bout.

I slept through Paul Ryan’s speech.


Here’s the good news–I just read the transcript online.

This may have been one of the best vice presidential acceptance speeches ever made.

About 10 minutes before I drifted off, one of the Fox commentators made a comment I won’t forget.

He said, the only door that seems to be open for young college graduates is the one to their parents’ house.

As I read Paul’s speech, I could not help but feel excited that a man this young could think so clearly about truth and freedom.

Yesterday I also had a Facebook friend request answered by a young person who is a leader of the Tea Party Youth.

Talk about an encouraging day.

Our future is lost without clear thinking young Americans.

Chances are you heard Paul Ryan’s speech last night.

If not–here’s the transcript.

It’s a Stairway to an Obama-free Heaven…read it and you’ll get the pun.


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