Hate Mail From the Left

Every now and again I write a letter to the editor.

Recently one that I penned, (if you’re a regular reader you saw it) was virtually the same blog I wrote about candidate Elizabeth Warren a week ago, who’s challenging incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown.

I touched a nerve with someone who knows quite a bit about me.

Here are the verbatim remarks from the unsigned letter;

Mr. Massery,

Do you call your wife Natalie a “squaw” or maybe even a “Polack”??

You are a shameless shell of a human being.

How dare you purport you are Christian–You are nothing short of vile.

An outraged Berkshire County female voter

President Obama–4 more years!

You Republicans are Scary.

I want you to know, dear lady, whoever you are, I love you and I’m praying for you.

God knows life is difficult enough for all of us under President Obama.

For you and many others, hearing truth for the first time is part of the reason for your shocking reaction.

Just like King Herod–who–for the first time was publicly accused of adultery by one brave enough to speak out–it caused him to murder.

The mainstream media is doing all it can to keep Americans from knowing the truth about the end-game of the left-wing agenda.

When that happens and truth finally does get through, like a levee that reaches its maximum capacity, it can burst open and cause destruction.

People, especially seniors, are watching in horror, as Obama raids the coffers of Medicare and Social Security to buy votes from others who want free gifts from the government and retirement in their 20’s and 30’s, on entitlement programs they never paid in to.

It’s happening all around us.

Like John the Baptist, having my head chopped off for telling the truth, is what we prophets (albeit a minuscule one) must do.


One Response to “Hate Mail From the Left”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh my GOSH, James. .That WAS a vile letter.

    Regarding politics, I think it’s okay to agree to disagree. Obviously we think very differently from each other.

    But that letter was really gutless because the person didn’t even have the courage to sign her name.

    Sure wish your dear friend, Romney, would agree that millionaires pay as much in taxes as you and I do!

    But not to worry. We won’t be hearing much from him in just a short while. (hee hee That’s my zinger for the day, Jim. )

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