Keeping Broadband Use Tax Free

Although we’re not quite there, one could almost say that the Internet is comparable to the air we breath.

What I mean is, we do very little these days without the use of broadband services.

Almost every evening my wife and I talk to our grandson in Ohio using Skype.

Since my youngest son and I are both I-Pod Touch owners, we do FaceTime for free from my living room into his dormitory.

It’s really quite fun to communicate outside the wire.

The wire I’m talking about is the FCC.

In case you’re wondering, the Republican Platform includes a commitment to oppose taxing the Internet.

When you get your broadband bill have you noticed there are no little tiny numbers like $1.24 or $2.76 added to the bottom of the statement?

The FCC, under President Obama, has just declared that their number one goal is to make broadband accessible to the 19 million Americans who don’t have it.

If you’re an experienced conservative like me, you know that language is liberal code.

It means, let’s tax everyone else to help those poor pathetic people living in Wyoming and Montana, who chose to be far from civilization, so that we can take control of more of the private sector’s money.

The excuse is no different from the one Obama used to provide Health Care for those without it.

Sympathy is the liberal’s best friend.

Gullible voters are his second best friend.

If you want to have your Internet use taxed then I suggest you vote for Obama.

He’d love to get a piece of the action every time you Skype or FaceTime your family.


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