Democrats New Campaign Theme–Death

With $5 trillion in new debt under President Obama; 500,000 less Americans working than when he took office; a government that has to borrow $3 billion dollars every day just to function; scandals galore–like Solyndra with its crony capitalism and Fast and Furious selling guns to the Mexican Cartels; you’d think that Republicans would have an easy time putting Democrats on the defensive.

Then, along comes Todd Akin, the aspiring Republican Senator from Missouri, and the Democrats have fallen in love with him (not one (D) has asked him to leave the race.)


Because now they can change the subject about their failed economic policies and intellectually dishonest shafting we call Obamacare.

Here’s the bottom line about those supposed “Tea Party Neanderthals” that Maureen Dowd so smugly decries.

People of faith, who love God and also happen to be repulsed by the very thought of killing a baby, would rather be destroyed themselves, than to see an abortion doctor dismember a baby in the birth canal, so that it can be called a legal abortion.

Yes folks, the Republican platform believes that life begins at conception–it’s not religion either–its science.

Find me a biologist who can prove life does not begin at conception and I’ll donate money to Planned Parenthood myself.

The Democrat platform believes that any abortion, even where the entire baby is delivered, except for the head, which is then crushed by a loving care-giver, is a good abortion.

You want to bring up weaknesses Democrats?

Two can play at that game.


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