Who is Elizabeth Warren?

For those of you who may have seen lawn signs around the Berkshires promoting Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate, there are a few things you should know about her.

First of all, many say her criticism of the free market is what inspired President Barack Obama when he made that now famous comment to small business owners (regarding their successful endeavors)–“you didn’t build that!”

She’s also the one who somehow got her genealogy mixed up when she mistakenly thought her ancestors were Cherokee Indian…when they weren’t.

I’m sure it was by accident, but she’s listed as a minority professor at Harvard.

I thought you had to be smart to get in there?

Maybe there’s a clause for those who can “out smart.”

You may also not know that she’s already raised $24.5 million dollars for her Senatorial campaign (more than any other aspiring Senator this year).

Now, if you’re thinking that all this money is coming from Haverhill and Holyoke, you’d have the first letter correct, but the coastline incorrect.

Hollywood has fallen in love with this dear lady and the list of celebrity contributors is quite impressive.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Susan Sarandon, Cher, Sally Field, Kate Capeshaw, Barbra Streisand, Oliver Stone, and Toby McGuire, were all card-carrying members of the super rich that have given their dough to the Massasoit faux-Indian squaw.

Sorry Lizzy, I’ll stick with Scott Brown and his beat-up old truck to represent me in Washington.

At least he knows my $25 contribution is because I actually live in Massachusetts and want to see Obamacare repealed.

With God’s help and a Republican Senate we can stop President Obama from treating Medicare like a slush fund for his overreaching aspirations to burden America with the largest tax (according to the Supreme Court) in the history of the world.

You’re certainly welcome to stay there at Harvard Ms. Warren, just promise us you won’t teach a course on Native American Ethics.


2 Responses to “Who is Elizabeth Warren?”

  1. Albert Gardner Says:

    Jim, If you are going to quote the Honorable President Obama please do so honestly. He never said small business owners did not build their businesses. When you take a few words out of a sentence you twist the meaning and distort the truth. Sound like the Republican party to me.

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