Hunger Games Movie Review

I’m one of the few Americans who hasn’t read the book Hunger Games.

I was also one of the few who never saw the movie–until last night.

Although the central theme is about survival, there’s one more message the author delicately embroiders into the tale–hope.

I recommend the movie for those who don’t mind seeing a bit of violence, it’s plentiful, but not overdone or overtly¬†gory.

The tempo was great and the acting even better.

The subservient class, who worked in the factories and coal mines, etc…those forced to fight, reminded me of people in photos from the American dust bowl era.

There’s no foul language, or sex scenes either, which, from Hollywood standards seems a bit shocking.

Here’s my bottom line.

No matter how bad things got, virtue, honor and obedience to Truth won the day.

When they do that in a Hollywood movie we Conservatives must support it.

There’s even one very clear Biblical reference to Abraham and Isaac…it’s the one right after the other clear reference to Shakespeare.

Not a bad way to wrap things up.


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