America’s Beethoven–Tribute to a Composer

Imagine for a minute that for around $18 you could go to a lawn party for Beethoven and the legend himself would actually be there.

We all know that Ludwig has been dead for centuries, but permit me literary license for a moment.

Imagine also that one of the greatest orchestras in the world would spend the entire evening playing his scores under the stars, while almost equally influential personalities sent him birthday wishes.

Last night I had the privilege of attending Film Night at Tanglewood with my wife and daughter.

Our lawn seats were way out past the main path that runs north to south, but we were still able to hear well and see the big screens above the Shed.

The night was dedicated to celebrating John Williams the composer/conductor’s 80th birthday.

For many years I recall Norman Rockwell the painter living here in the Berkshires.

We took him for granted…until he died.

John Williams is a lot like Beethoven and Norman Rockwell all rolled into one.

There is no other man whose original compositions, combined with the  visual artistry of such movies as Jaws, E.T., Schindler’s List, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and on and on, are so intricately tied to one another.

Enjoy his music today, so that tomorrow you can tell your grandchildren you remember when he was alive.

PS; A few years ago, when my daughter worked a summer job at Tanglewood, she waited on Mr. Williams at a private post-concert party.  He took her by both hands, looked her in the eye and warmly thanked her for the wonderful food she had prepared. That’s where passion and ideas come from…he sees beauty in so many things and takes the time to soak it in.  Only great minds can hear such inspiring music before anyone else can. God bless you John.  We wish you many more…you are the man.  

PSS; My daughter is not the only young person John Williams has inspired.



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