Blame Joe Biden

When Congresswoman Gabby Gifford was shot in Arizona several years ago, the liberal media immediately blamed the shooting on the rhetoric of Sarah Palin.

Even though there was no connection to her whatsoever, nearly every progressive in the country thought it would be O.K. to hog-pile on the same story.

As it was later determined, the shooter had no political motive at all.

He was just a lunatic.

Yesterday in Washington D.C., the headquarters of the Family Research Council, a pro-life group, was attacked by a pro-gay activist liberal with a hand gun.

The shooter was apprehended, but only after he shot a security guard in the arm.

As I open my morning liberal paper today, miraculously I find the story on page three.

There’s just one problem; they forgot to blame the shooting on Joe Biden.

Here’s the rhetoric from Mr. Biden that would make just about anyone want to shoot up their enemies.

The second video below is from an outraged retired Jewish social worker who believes Obama has corrupted our V.P.

I’m down with that idea.

She’s right; Joe was a nice guy, until he locked his arms with the most irresponsible man on the planet.


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