Paul a.k.a. The Truth

The Boston Celtics have a fantastic player on their team named Paul Pierce.

Whenever the game is on the line, the best strategy they’ve had in years, is to make sure Paul has the ball.

His nickname is “The Truth.”

I underestimated Mitt Romney.

I didn’t think it was possible, in today’s political climate, for him to select a Vice Presidential running mate like Congressman Paul Ryan.

Here’s what this decision says to America.

The deficit problems we face are so serious, our very existence as a free country is at risk.

Our children and grandchildren are about to inherit a giant debt and we need to fix the problem.

China and India should not be places where future Americans need to immigrate to, to find jobs.

For those who have no idea who Paul Ryan is, I invite you to watch this short video clip of him telling President Obama why his health care plan can’t work.

In case you’re wondering, everything Paul Ryan said here has come true.

Obama and his gang attacked Sarah Palin four years ago for having no experience in Washington.

What’s your attack plan now Mr. President?

Good job Mitt, for saving the Truth for the final quarter of the game.


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