Litmus Test for Gabby Coming Soon

It’s always a blessing to see a young athlete, like Gabby Douglas, after she won the Olympic Gold medal for the women’s all-around Gymnastics competition, give glory to God for His help.

Christians around America cheered while most Liberals sneered.

Remember, their definition of free speech does not include that which includes Truth about the Gospel.

If you’re wondering why they’re tolerant of everyone else but not Christians, it has something to do with their disdain for a word called “holiness.”

Nuff said.

Here’s the bottom line about Gabby Gifford’s new-found fame.

It’s only a matter of time before she’s asked in a public forum, as if she’s a politician running for office, the following question;

So Gabby…do you support “gay marriage?”

I doubt you’ll read this my little hero, but, if by chance one of your family members or fans happens to see it, here’s the best answer you can give.

Gay marriage is gay marriage.

Nuff said.


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