President Suppresses Military Vote–My White Lie

The President has been accused of ignoring our military.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

News coming out of Ohio confirms it.

In the “you can’t make this stuff up category,” it seems Mr. Obama’s campaign has decided it would sue the State of Ohio for extending voting options for Ohioans serving in the armed forces.

Only our fearless leader, whose approval rating amongst service men and women has been on a steady decline, would have no problem doubling down on his bad reputation, provided it helps cancel out a few votes for Mitt Romney.

In this case–if the mainstream media ever reported it–which they won’t–it might even cost him a few.

If you love the President you might think I made this whole story up out of thin air.

You’re right…I was only kidding…this didn’t happen.

I just wanted to see your reaction and now I apologize.

Do you forgive me?



Playing games with our military personnel is no joke.

I apologize for lying.

Wait…this just in…


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