One More Death in Aurora–Don’t Blame Bush

As America still tries to recuperate from the worst mass shooting in our history, one more life has fallen to the idiot Batman Movie Killer.

What’s even more heartbreaking for the family that already lost their 6-year-old, is that this killing of their unborn child is no crime in Colorado.

Here’s more news for liberal politicians in that great State; George W. Bush just took you to the cleaners–in terms of common sense.

In 2004 he signed The Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which allowed Federal courts to view a preborn baby as a victim, outside of the context of abortion.

But since Holmes is being prosecuted by the state, federal law will not have any effect in this case.

Here’s a link to the entire story;

I don’t often ask my readers to file protests, but this one, as it violates a life snuffed out in the most sacred inner-chamber of all, cannot be ignored.

Please send a message to the Governor’s Office in Colorado and let him know justice for this unborn murder victim should never have been an after thought.

Here’s a link to his “share your opinion” page.

I sent mine in under a minute; there’s even a confidentiality button, so no one but the Governor’s office can read your message.

Be sure to remind him skiing in Utah might be fun this winter.


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