First Chick-Fil-A–Then Your Local Catholic Church

Now that Mayors Tom Menino of Boston and Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago have declared that the fast food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A, cannot open restaurants in their respective cities, how long will it be before these same mayors begin shuttering Catholic Churches?

Remember, Chick-Fil-A does not have an official position regarding its definition of marriage–the Catholic Church does.

President Obama is really the ideological leader that these podunk Mayors should be following, if they want to be true to their convictions.

Barrack had no problem violating the freedom of America’s largest Christian religion, when he and Kathleen Sibelius declared that every Catholic institution in the country must provide abortifacient pills as part of their health insurance program.

Who cares that it violates our conscience?

Wow…that just makes my mouth water right now for some succulent dictatorship on a Kaiser roll.

Mayor Menino and Mayor Emmanuel…don’t be chicken…start attacking Catholics too…we need you to be as brave as Obama…otherwise you come off looking no smarter than a chicken with her head cut off.


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