Syria: The Pit-Bull or The Bomb

Forgive me Lord for not feeling much sympathy for the second generation Assad  Government, over the bombing that happened in Damascus yesterday, that killed several high level officials.

This is the identical Assad family that has been terrorizing, occupying and manipulating their tiny neighbor Lebanon for decades.

The same bomb makers who tortured innocent Lebanese civilians, for no reason other than to follow orders from on high, have turned their craft now on their ostracized President.

Although I’m of Lebanese descent, I don’t consider myself an expert on this issue.

What I do know is that human nature can never be trusted.

It will always seek to preserve itself.

Whether or not the bomb making materials were provided to those who killed yesterday in Damascus by the ones who themselves were killed, is irrelevant.

When we teach hate, just like training a pit-bull to kill, it can just as easily turn on us, or our sons.

In my limited understanding of the horrors in Syria, it appears the Government has not only crossed the line, but has set up a butcher shop in the land of innocent blood.

For the best of everyone, pray that Assad II steps down and escapes to a place where he can live out the rest of his days in the luxury he deserves.

Any idea where that might be folks?

Here’s my prediction…Siberia.

Enjoy the rest of your life in hiding Mr. Assad, unless of course one of your father’s pit-bulls catches up with you first…then you can see how secure your family legacy in world history really is.


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