No Teleprompter Obama–Romney’s Best Ad Yet

I recently had to attend a City Council meeting out-of-town, to support a client of ours that wanted to purchase one of our police vehicles.

At the open microphone portion of the meeting, many people, mostly radicals,  in opposition to the Police Department’s goal, got up to speak.

They thought they were bolstering their case against the Chief.

The faces of the City Council members–cringing in shame–was all I needed to see.

The public opposition, for the most part, began to talk about how much they hated the police department and how every cop was corrupt and evil for breaking up their minor drug possessions.

No agenda there right?

That folks–is what we mean when we say–“give’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves with it.”

By the time the anarchist based one-act play was done, there was little else for me to do but just thank them for talking in public.

I happen to be supporting Governor Romney for election in 2012.

I’ve nothing to add about why we need him as President that can’t be bolstered by this next speech you’re about to hear, from the teleprompter-less Anarchist in Chief.

This is the best Romney ad yet.

Remember, your success comes from…

…I can’t even say it as a joke…

…just roll the tape.


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