Obama the Car Salesman

When someone is doing a side by side comparison of two products, there’s  a little room in ones sales pitch to point out the flaws of your competitor.

For example, if I’m a Chevrolet car salesman in the 1970’s and someone is comparing my Chevette to a Ford Pinto, it’s easy for me to mention that the gas tank in my competitor’s car is in a bad location.

If you don’t have any idea what I mean, Ford engineers thought it would be a good idea to put a fuel tank in the back of the Pinto, outside the frame rails; see link to article below for the rest of the story.


Eventually the Pinto was declared unsafe.

But…what about the Chevette?

Let’s just say it got blown out of the water by Toyota, Datsun and Honda.

Chevy was so busy pointing fingers at Ford, they forgot to improve their compact cars and eventually the unimaginative Chevette was swamped by far more unique and reliable cars coming out of Japan.

It’s clear that the President and his team are focusing all their efforts now on trying to discredit Governor Romney.

But we buyers, the American people, still need to be convinced that another four years of Barrack behind the wheel is in our best interest.

I also don’t see how running a big business like Bain Capital is a hindrance to one becoming President.

I see it as a plus.

Mr. President, your credentials coming into office were so weak–community organizer–don’t you find it a bit embarrassing to point fingers at someone who actually has a record to run on?

Stop trying to be a slick car salesman Mr. O and sell us on what you have to offer.

We’re waiting.

Sigh…your silence is louder than an exploding gas tank.


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