Romney Gets Last Laugh at NAACP Convention

I once ran for City Council-at-Large.

The strength of my reputation as a citizen was in Ward 6, where I was elected in an unnopposed contest two years earlier.

To this day, I’m not sure that an incumbent Ward Councilor had ever dropped out of a race in Pittsfield, so that he did not have to face a new comer.

If it sounds like bragging I apologize…I’m just stating fact with pride for a Ward that was filled to the brim with devout Catholics from St. Mark’s Church.

During my bid for a City-wide seat a friend of mine named Elie (a goomba) gave me a list of phone numbers broken down by Wards.

He suggested I call them, as they were people who voted in the last election.

Good idea Elie.

I began making phone calls to likely voters.

Since I had so little time, I did not bother with Ward 6.


I felt like I had them in my corner already.

I focused on the remaining Wards.

We all read about how Governor Romney made a speech this week at the 2012 NAACP convention.

As one would expect, the majority of people there were respectful, but a few decided they would boo his talk.

Since the main stream media appears to be in the tank for President Obama, the boos are what got all the attention in the press.

As if to imply “all Blacks hate Romney.”

That’s simply unfair and not even remotely plausible.

Since Romney’s speech was headline news, try and guess whose taped message was not headline news?

That’s right, I said “taped message.”

It seems that Mr. Obama did not attend this year’s NAACP Conference.


You know…all politics are local and the NAACP locals may have gotten the brush-off in favor of those less likely to still be in his corner.

Here’s the problem.

Certain events are obligations.

Much like attending Mass each week…where one “fulfills his obligation.”

Had I decided during my run At-Large, that I’d stop attending Mass, how do you think that would’ve gone over in my own Ward?

Mr. Obama…you need better advisers.

More importantly…you need common sense…but…looking at your very pale inner circle, it appears you don’t have any goombas who understand how things work in your own neighborhood.


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