First Lady Visits…Aren’t We Lucky?

There’s front page news today in our local paper about the First Lady.

It seems she’s coming to town for a fund-raising event.

Not that long ago, 1999, I was an invited guest, since I sat on our City Council, to witness First Lady Hilary Clinton make a fund-raising speech at the Colonial Theatre on South Street.

Thanks to that program, Saving America’s Treasures, and the many hard-fought efforts of a team of people behind the scenes, our beautiful Theatre was restored and is now blooming like a flower in spring.

It was a worthy cause.

Another similar effort was made by First Lady Laura Bush in 2006, as she visited a struggling museum called the Mount, the home of writer Edith Wharton.

Her appearance, like Mrs. Clinton, showed America how First Ladies are supposed to invest their time…helping those who cannot help themselves.

Fast forward to today’s headlines.

Michelle Obama is coming to Pittsfield and Richmond, except that the contributions she’s asking for will not be tax-deductible.

They’re going to someone’s re-election campaign.

I won’t say who…you can figure that out.

For the first time in our history, a First Lady is coming to town to raise money for herself.

Now that’s something to cheer about.

And…if you’re lucky enough to get a private invitation to Richmond…to the Governor’s house, it will only set you back $20,000.

God bless America…the land of the brave and the home of the free…unless you get a call from Deval to come over for tea…then you may not feel so lucky.


2 Responses to “First Lady Visits…Aren’t We Lucky?”

  1. Paul Trumbull Says:

    Great Job Jim……. You hit the nail on the head!!!

  2. jmassery Says:

    Thanks for your comment Paul…Do you think they would accept $20,000 in F.S. currency?

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