The Way–Movie Review


Except for the fact that our 24-year-old daughter made the suggestion, this is probably not a movie we would have seen.

The drama is an Emilio Estevez production, starring Martin Sheen.

If you don’t know, they’re father and son.

Our daughter informed us a few months ago that she and one of her closest college roommates wanted to go on a pilgrimage/mega-hike.

The Way, or El Camino, as it’s called in Spain, begins in southern France and then ends up at the Cathedral of Saint James/San Diego, in Compostela.

It’s an 800 kilometer trek, where Christians go to discover their inner selves and to grow closer to the Lord.

In the Bible there are numerous times where Jesus goes off to pray, many times, all night long.

His physical sacrifice is not condemned as “good works,” but praised…remember it was Jesus who said to His disciples on the night He was arrested, after finding them asleep, “could you not pray with me for one hour?”

If you wish to see a quality movie that details the life of a family who had a tragedy and then a triumph along El Camino, then I encourage you to see this flick.

It’s tastefully done on location and will give you a strong flavor of the many ways in which the sons of God yearn to draw closer to Him…our Father.

My favorite character is the Priest he meets along the way who was a cancer survivor.

Marisa and Emily


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  1. Brandon Says:

    I was waiting for this post! Can’t wait to see more pictures

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