America’s Holiday

There’s something wonderfully uniting about a holiday that makes us happy to smile and shake the hands of almost everyone we meet…even politicians.

If you know anything about the culture of our tiny community here in the Berkshires, then you know what the Pittsfield 4th of July Parade means…and who walks in them.

Yes, even the liberals came over and shook my hand.


Maybe because they respect truth?

Or, maybe because they wanted hummoos.

Probably the latter…I’m OK with that.

It’s a complement.

Our parade is a decades old event that takes an entire year to prepare and then it’s over in 2 hours.

Congratulations Pittsfield 4th of July Parade Committee.

Another Independence Day happening, just a few miles down the road, is James Taylor’s annual outdoor concert at Tanglewood.

This year, I learned from a reliable source, that he donated all the proceeds of his Holiday concert to the Boston Symphony Orchestra…around $500k.

That’s sweet baby.

Permit me to allow these next two videos to do the rest of the talking.

Even our Church, St. Mark’s, got into the act.

Happy birthday America…


One Response to “America’s Holiday”

  1. Susan Says:

    The parade was wonderful, wasn’t it, James? Loved it. It was very well done and I think even better than last year. Kudos to all who prepared such a splendorous event.

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