Race Track to Heaven–In Jesus’ Name

Last night we enjoyed a company outing at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

Since the factory was sponsors of the event, one of our specialty vehicles was permitted to be the pace car for several of the races.

As the dirt track there is so large, it never seemed like our vehicle was going very fast.

Lloyd, one of our mechanics, who was sitting in front of me, turned around and said, “it’s going about 60.”

That was a bit surprising, as it seemed to be doing far less.

The fact is, life itself, which at times may seem to drag, especially when we’re suffering heartache, is always traveling at a speedway pace.

We look around us and notice that the little babies we once held, are now graduating college or trade school, and the parents who we thought would always be there, are now gone.

It’s been way too long since I attended the races at Lebanon Valley Speedway, but, I must admit, it was great family fun. 

I salute you management of the LVSW…you are a class act in every possible way.

I encourage anyone in the Western New England or Upstate New York region to attend an event there.

My favorite part was when the Chaplain of the race track got up and prayed with 10,000 fans, to our Father God…for the troops, for the racers, for the fans, and for the special “needs” (that’ll get anybody’s attention) of everyone in attendance.

Try that trick a high school graduation and that prayer which ended in Jesus’ name, would’ve caused a major political pile up. 

It’s no wonder liberals hate the NASCAR crowd…they love a racer named Jesus.


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