A Mother and Child–Translation Not Needed

I’ve recently been trying to practice my Arabic.

It’s never been very good, but, every once in a while, when traveling through big cities, I like to try and say hello to cab drivers and bell hops.

Those times are too rare to help me make much progress.

I also thought, if I could find children’s videos in Arabic, on YouTube, that too might be a good learning aid.

I soon noticed that in the Arab world, they highly revere young singers and provide them numerous opportunities to be young role models for the rest of their community.

It has an almost “Shirley Temple” feel to it.

One such young lady is named Hala from Bahrain, who competed and won the “Arabs Got Talent” competition.

I hope you enjoy this very catchy video and if you have little ladies in your home, either daughters or grand daughters (my great niece loved this song) please share this with them.

Even though the song is in Arabic and the subtitles are a bit hard to read, one can easily tell this is tale about a young girl who’s afraid to go to sleep without her mother by her side.

That’s a bedtime story that needs no translation.


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