Kevin Youkilis Being the Man-ny

One thing true Red Sox fans will never forget is how Kevin Youkilis played his heart out.

He’s the guy in the dugout every manager dreams about.

He hated losing and always did whatever it takes to win.

Now that he’s been traded to Chicago, a team in first place, but in need of run production from third base, I predict a resurgence for the guy that fears no man.

I’m happy for Youk, whose diminished role this season was painful to watch.

My favorite memory is him confronting Manny Ramirez in the dugout for not hustling to first base.

Manny Ramirez was one of the bigger than life stars of the two Red Sox World Series runs; ’04 and ’07.

Youk’s tongue lashing was an expression of what every Sox fan had been feeling for a long time.

In spite of those credentials, Manny’s bad attitude and poor sportsmanship probably made Ted Williams head spin around in his icy grave.

The Red Sox owe Youk a giant douse of gratitude for not allowing punk behavior to go unpunished and for protecting our famous work ethic.

That shout and shove in the dugout was very Yaz-like.

Thanks for the hundreds of memories Kevin, and especially the one where you were beating down Manny being Manny.

Glad you’re sill in the American League too, it will be great to see you around now and then.


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