Donations in Lieu of Flowers–Obama’s Death Bed Wish

I’ve been trying not to pick on the President for the past few weeks.

After reading today’s headline on the Drudge Report, and verifying the facts, I couldn’t help it.

There’s a relatively nice tradition here in the U.S., where, if someone dies the bereaved family will ask, in the departed’s obituary, that donations can be made to the deceased’s favorite charity, in their name–in lieu of flowers.

Bouquets are nice, as they help gardeners and local shops, but, since it happens to be ones dying wish, the idea of where donations go seems like one we as friends and family can’t refuse.

In the “I can’t believe this is happening category” the President’s campaign has set up an online registry for folks getting married, so that their friends and family can make cash contributions to Obama’s campaign, in the happy couple’s name–in lieu of a wedding gift.

I’m not joking.

Here’s the link to the Obama campaign website if you think I’m kidding.

I remember how desperate Natalie and I were for anything and everything when we first got married.

Yes Mr. President–we even needed a gravy bowl.

I guess the only way this overreaching money grab would be “O.K.” is if the event were the President’s wake and not his re-election campaign.

We don’t want you to die Mr. President, but your prospects for a second term definitely appear to be on life support.


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