Fiddler on the Roof–Praises in Pittsfield

I’ve commented in this blog before about the incredible quality of life we Berkshire County residents enjoy.

Inspiration again comes from local theater that does not seem so local.

Last night Natalie and I attended the Barrington Stage Company’s production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Here’s the best part.

At noon time we hadn’t yet considered going.

By 12:15, my sister-in-law and her husband, who sat behind us in church, made the suggestion and then drove a half mile from St. Mark’s to Union Street to purchase the 4 tickets for $120…not each…but total!

Do the math, that’s $30, with free parking and no New York City traffic or hotel prices to upset ones budget.

Not only that, our seats were in the last row of their balcony and I still felt we could flick off the hat of the Rabbi any time we wanted…just to annoy him.

O.K….you might be thinking this production was just a bunch of starry-eyed local “wanna-bes” right?


Not only was this production of Broadway caliber, with an experienced Broadway cast, it was directed by Gary John La Rosa, the same man who directed Zero Mostel in the original production in 1964 at the Imperial Theatre.

How the heck did they do that?

Congratulations to everyone involved in this production, especially management of the Barrington Stage and their wise sponsor Berkshire Bank.

Since this blog is supposed to be read in less than a minute, all I can say is “thank you God, you must have time enough to hear an old tradition loving Papa like me say that–right?”

To my readers–DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW….if you do nothing else this summer, go and be amazed, moved and inspired, then tell your friends to do the same.

PS…Brad Oscar as Tevye was flawless.


One Response to “Fiddler on the Roof–Praises in Pittsfield”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thumbs up all the way, Jim. That was an outstanding performance from start to finish. Every single aspect of it was flawless—choreography, singing, costumes, sets, you name it. And every single one of the performers had marvelous talent! Wow! WHAT A SHOW! Loved it.

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