St. Bridget’s Answered Prayer

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Crucifixion is the role the Scourging played in the death of Jesus.

The movie The Passion of the Christ, helps clear up Biblically, the intense suffering that led up to His death on the Cross.

The amount of blood that Jesus must have lost also helps explain why He died after only three hours.

It was customary that the Romans intended the guilty to suffer far longer than that.

St. Bridget of Sweden, who one might call the polar opposite of St. (doubting) Thomas, was so moved by the wounds of our Lord, she prayed in earnest for God to reveal how many blows Jesus received before being nailed to the Cross.

In a vision of Christ Himself, St. Bridget heard the Lord speak and He gave her the number–5,475.

When I first learned the total I was overwhelmed and inspired.

St. Bridget was canonized in 1391 and before her death the Lord also revealed a series of 15 prayers specifically given to honor the wounds of our Precious Redeemer.

As we celebrate Father’s Day today, let us all remember and honor the sacrifices that our Dads have made for us.

If the Lord, in His unparalleled humility can accept thanks through the prayers He gave St. Bridget, so can our Dads, through cards, phone calls and maybe even a peaceful afternoon on the Lazy-Boy while someone else mows the lawn.


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