They Called Me Playboy

When my mom was very ill I remember telling her a story in the hospital that just poured out like a confession.

It was the details of how I met my wife.

I have no idea why God inspired me to tell that story.

I can only theorize it may have been that I was so moved with sadness mom was leaving, I wanted to talk about the happiest thing I could think of, to try to ease our pain.

I was a relatively successful playboy in high school.

A few close friends, Dougie and Billy, even gave me that nickname–“Playboy.”

It didn’t mean what it means today…it just meant I was a guy confident enough to talk to any girl, any time.

After high school and then college, my social life took a nose dive.

I went several years without meeting ladies even remotely interested in having dinner out.

One night, while living at home at the age of 24, the phone rang.

It was a friend of my folks named Marylin, who wanted me to go to a singles’ Bible study our church was forming.


Many rejections primed me for that invitation and when the young lady with dark brown hair and green eyes came down those stairs into Butch and Don’s finished basement–lightning struck.

That was March of ’84.

By New Year’s Eve we were engaged, with the wedding to follow in July of ’85.

Thanks Marylin.

My mom loved that story and we had a great cry together over it.

Today’s reading from Hosea 11 reminded me of how things like this are never accidental.

Yet, though I stooped to feed my child,
they did not know that I was their healer.

Every blessing in our life comes from our loving Father.

It matters very little that we don’t recognize it right away.

I like the metaphor Hosea uses regarding feeding a child.

A little baby cannot gather food or nourish itself.

He’s totally reliant on his parents.

Are you totally reliant on God?

Do you realize that even the socks you pull on over your feet today are a gift from Him?

Thank you Father for every good thing you’ve put in my life.

Your blessings are the centerfold of my very existence.


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