Lawn Signs Can Cost You Customers

If my father were alive today, this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

To this day, whenever someone asks if they can put a sign in my front yard I remember the rule–they can cost you a customer.

That lesson was taught way back in the 60’s and still applies today.

Don’t get me wrong…when it came to verbal battles about ideology, Dad never backed down, especially when it came to morals or principles.

He just felt that advertising for a flawed human being was far too risky in a business climate filled with competitors ready to snatch away your best customers.

This week we learned Carrie Underwood believes gay marriage is O.K. by her.

Thanks Carrie, hearing that from President Obama wasn’t enough for those of us who still stupidly embrace traditional family values–we wanted to hear it from you.

Not really.

I remember the day Simon Cowell told you, during your American Idol run, that you’d be the highest grossing contestant ever.

Simon was right…until now.

Carrie–I have no problem with you having a point of view, but, the next time you want to put up a lawn sign that provides direction to your Country Music fan base, make sure it’s a map to the nearest Tractor Pull.

You just sucked the wind right out of your career…not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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