The End of a Celtics Era

Considering the age of the Boston Celtics Big Three, it’s almost hard to believe they made it as far as they did this year– 7 games against the much younger Miami Heat.

Every team with superstars has their best chance to bring home championships when their legs are freshest and their bodies young.

It’s true that some athletes can perform at high levels through their 30’s and even into their 40’s, like Ted Williams, but they’re very rare.

I’d like to take a minute to congratulate one of the best coaches in the NBA, Doc Rivers, for pushing the envelope to the final quarter of the Eastern Conference Finals.

I’d also like to remind Christians reading this that, no matter how old you may be or feel, or how damaged your body, because of the eternal spring of Christ’s Spirit that lives in you, there never is a tapering off of your ability to win battles.

You may not have the energy to load children on to buses or cook giant meals for the poor, but, as you age, your faith in God grows without temporal or earthly hindrances.

Hope through experience allows us to conquer our enemies on the greatest court of all…the court of life–and never lose.

I have no idea why, but yesterday my wife asked me if I ever get depressed.

My answer?


I get angry once in a while, but never depressed, because I never lose hope.

Help us Lord to be the superstars that our fans (family and friends) need to endure the heat of the toughest battles.

Thunder in our lives can be scary, or a sign that the worst is almost over.


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