Blowing Smoke On Mom and Pop

There used to be a “blue law” many years ago in Massachusetts that prevented supermarkets and other large department stores from opening on Sundays.

Those were the days that the “mom and pops” in the neighborhoods made the majority of their sales.

An owner of a small grocery store had little hope of survival otherwise.

There was no such thing as a convenient store with gasoline as an easy draw.

The politicians once made laws they knew would deliberately protect the small business owners.

In a fabulously unintended way, new age politicians are helping the few remaining “mom and pops” in town with a politically correct attempt at banning smoking.

As of today there are 36 communities in the State that prohibit pharmacies from selling cigarettes.

That includes Wal-Mart and Stop-and-Shop, or any place that has a pharmacy in them.

I can see the faces of today’s struggling little retailers now, as they start to calculate how many more cigarettes they’ll be able to sell.

In an odd way the politicians are making a blue law every day that drives nicotine starved customers into small stores that have a new special advantage.

If  you’re wondering how I know all this stuff, my family operated a Candy and Tobacco warehouse called White Star Confectionary for over 70 years.

We lived and died with the “mom and pop” retailers’ success.

Whether you smoke or not, please say thank you to our local board of health today, for helping to save a dying institution, the independent variety story.

I think I’ll have a cigar to celebrate…I know where to get it too.


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