Doing Right Isn’t Just for the Right

The left-wing media is trying to spin the victory of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin as some type of right-wing coup in a far left blue state.

Their narrative is that this has everything to do with the Tea Party and their hatred of Barrack Obama…as if it may even be racially motivated.

Not even close.

Here’s the bottom line.

The people of Wisconsin, both Republicans and Democrats did not need anyone’s political ideology to see the difference between right and wrong.

The majority of voters from both sides agreed that it makes absolutely no sense to try and balance their budget on the backs of the taxpayers, when so many union workers in their state were paying as little as 1% of the cost of their health insurance premiums.

To add to that they were paying a disproportionately low percentage into their retirement.

The public sector is a great place to work and unions do provide some measure of protection against unfair dismissal.

The original purpose of the unions was to prevent abuse by corporations and fat cats.

The middle-class, who are the largest taxpayers into any state coffers are not fat cats forcing teachers to work in sweat shops for pennies a day.

Far from it.

Congratulations to Governor Walker and even more so to the people of Wisconsin for doing what was correct.

You had no agenda other than to level the playing field.

And isn’t that what Mr. Obama wants too?

Maybe that’s why he didn’t campaign there…right?


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