Who’s Really Insulting the Hispanics?

I’ll never forget the day the College of Cardinals selected Karol Wojtyla as Pope. 

It was the late 70’s and I was a student at U Mass.

There was a Polish-American Priest there named Father Twardzcik, who began dancing in the halls of the Newman Center minutes after the white smoke billowed upward celebrating the choice.

That’s what cultural connections can do for us.

I can assure you he wasn’t insulted, nor were the Polish people on that day.

I can also assure you that had I said to him in advance, it would be insulting to the Polish people if the Cardinals selected a Pole, I probably would’ve had a bucket of pierogies dumped on my head.

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about how desperate President Obama and his team must be with their attempt to fool the American people one more time.

Especially with no economic record of success.

Just as they attacked Sarah Palin in the ’08 election after her nomination, they will come with avengence against the Republican nominee…if they can.

The idea for the Democrats is to pressure the Republicans into picking someone they can easily insult.

They want another Christian punching bag.

Here’s the biggest problem for Obama and the left-wing media–there’s one person they can’t attack with avengence, who may just get the call and that’s Marco Rubio.

Why can’t they attack him–you say?

They fear losing the Hispanic vote–that’s why.

Right on cue, David Axelrod, Obama’s Bill Belichick, made a public statement yesterday that if the Republicans choose Rubio it would be an insult to the Hispanics.

I’m not sure how you insult a people by honoring them, but remember, in the world of those who propagate lies, why wouldn’t lying to a culture and insulting their intelligence be acceptable?

Here’s a video that demonstrates my theory and be sure to check out some of the comments below it.

Sure, these folks are a bit crass, but aren’t we talking about insults today?

David…you’re reaping what you sewed.

And watch out for buckets of Cuban cigar ash headed your way.


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