Tim Thomas’ Greatest Save

It’s almost hard to believe that a professional athlete, at the age of 38, would be talking about taking a year off to reconnect with family, friends and faith.

Bruins’ hero and award-winning goalie Tim Thomas has made that decision.

There’s something refreshing about a person who understands that money can only go so far in life.

That would almost be the equivalent to President Obama saying “I’m not running in 2012, but will take time off to spend with family, then run again in 2016.”

I can dream can’t I?

Ironically, the team will suffer, but the opposing teams will benefit.

That’s how good Tim Thomas is.

But, at the same time, other players like backup goalie Tukka Rask, will get more playing time and the world will still turn on its axis as before.

It reminds me a bit of a celebrity that decides to spend time in a third world country and passes up opportunities to appear in movies.

Wait…that doesn’t happen.

Sorry liberal friends, it’s the conservatives that are making sacrifices.

Tim Thomas was the same  guy who didn’t go to the White House to accept President Obama’s “glad hand” for winning the Stanley Cup.

That was another day off he took that I liked.

A better comparison would be with someone like Ted Williams who served his country during the war, not once, but twice–WWII and Korean–then came back to play at the same level.

God will always honor virtue.

In spite of the world’s criticism.


One Response to “Tim Thomas’ Greatest Save”

  1. David Huisjen Says:

    Finland had an interesting influence on that boy…

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