Rondo’s Slight of Hand

Though the Boston Celtics lost game two in their Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat, one of my favorite players boosted his reputation with a stellar performance.

Point guard Rajon Rondo scored 44 points with 10 assists, among the most ever for his position in the NBA playoffs.

If that wasn’t impressive enough he also played 53 minutes of a 48 minute game…to get there you need overtime and no breathers other than the time-outs and halftime break.

The difference for me has always been Rondo’s basketball intelligence on the floor combined with his God-given gigantic hands.

My favorite play from that game is in this video below.

Watch closely what happens to number 40, as he slides right out-of-the-way so Rondo can score an easy lay-up. 

Only hands the size of Shaq’s shoes could pull this off.

Now that I’ve made it clear which team I follow, the question becomes what relevance to me, especially if not a Boston devotee?

Here it is.

God gives all of us hands to serve.

We have the power to grow those hands by first pouring ourselves out to our Father daily, so He can then fill them with His Grace and Mercy.

Then, just as quickly, we must turn to assist our neighbors with that bounty, by sharing how God has blessed us.

The more we practice that, the more blessed our friends, family and country will be.

And, just as importantly, the more our enemies will simply slide right out-of-the-way.


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