Big Gulp Deserves Fair Trade Protection

Many years ago, when my family owned a wholesale candy warehouse we sold 30 lb boxes of lollipops.

Nothing fancy…just the old-fashioned style with a white stick inside a clear cellophane wrapper…the kind you’d get free when mom or dad took you to the bank.

Speaking of banks, that was the only place we sold those 30 lb boxes.


Because they wanted an economical way to bring happiness to as many children of their customers as possible.

Since I can’t confirm yesterday’s prices, let’s use today’s.

That same case costs about $67 and has 1,800 lollipops in it.  That equals 3 cents each.

If the bank bought them one at time for 10 cents each at a retail store that would be over 300% more costly.

Now, Mayor Bloomberg, don’t you think you should stop the banks from buying so much candy at one time?

I’ve seen some of those bankers and they’re pretty fat.

I’m being facetious.

Very soon in New York City, a mom or dad who takes their kids to McDonald’s, who can’t afford a drink for each of them, can no longer buy a Big Gulp and share the beverage.

That makes bad business sense and capitalizes on the poor.

It’s true that Coke and Pepsi are complaining, but guess who isn’t?


Why you ask?

Because the smaller the drink the higher the profit margin for the retailer.

The soda makers want more sold, but now less will be sold, but at higher margins for the retailer.

You’re making far too many presumptions Mr. Mayor, at the expense of families.

Your heart is in the right place, but you’re acting like all your constituents are too stupid to police themselves.

Don’t treat them like suckers.

They deserve better.


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