Popular for the Light Reason

As part of my job I take clients out for dinner here in my hometown.

As well, I enjoy frequenting places that just happen to be popular with the locals.

What almost always occurs, by the middle of dinner, my clients will say something like…”Why don’t you run for mayor, you know everybody in town?”

On a recent dinner out, the waitress we had was brand new and we’d never met.

The clients joked that she probably knew me.

Just for fun I wanted to prove them wrong, so I called her over and since I was at a high table I put my arm around her shoulders and politely and asked, “Do you know my name?”

“No” she said, “we’ve never met”…that is, until that very second when I introduced myself.

I also told her how happy I was with the great service she’d provided that evening as our waitress.

The smile she gave back was worth the price of admission.

The Lord never missed an opportunity to establish His Word because He was God’s Love embodied in human flesh.

We have one chance with everyone we meet, to make a first impression.

As Christians, we should always be known for being good citizens and living testimonials to Who we serve.

When we go out in town and no one knows us, chances are we’re hiding our gifts under a bushel basket…which would be a direct act against Christ’s command to let our light shine.

A bright light also means better service at restaurants.

No harm there.


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