The Battle of the Wives on Memorial Day

Right on cue, the left-wing news media has decided they’d like to let everyone in America know how plush a life style Ann Romney has enjoyed.

The latest is a lengthy news article about expensive horses she’s owned.

It’s interesting that when a woman is married to the Republican candidate she’s just a spoiled brat, but when she’s married to the Democrat, she’s a trend setter.

Was there a wealthier more privileged bride than Jackie Bouvier?

Her family fortune and background make the Romney’s look more like the Hatfields or McCoys.

There actually was a time when Democrats, like JFK, believed that successful people weren’t automatically evil.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, let us all recall how proud we are because of the men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve freedom in our country.

Let us also remember that if the left wants to make this race about whose wife is a better person, it was not Ann Romney who said, the night her husband effectively clinched his party’s nomination, “for the first time in my adult life I can say that I’m really proud of my country.”

Jackie never would’ve said that, she understood the purpose of Memorial Day.

In case you think it was just a slip of the tongue, here’s proof she said the same thing twice in one day.  Listen to the uneasy reaction and tepid applause in the second speech.  It was shocking even to their base.


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