God Forbid–A Virgin

The national headline this week, that an olympic athlete is a 29-year-old virgin, shouldn’t really be highlighted at all.

Single girls are supposed to be virgins.

So are single guys.

Do I sound like a prude?

Maybe, but, I also happen to be a father.

Ask any dad if he wants his daughter to be a virgin until marriage.

If he’s not a progressive liberal, the answer is pretty obvious.

In fact, this week, while traveling, I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady from Kurdistan who moved to the U.S. when she was 8.

We chatted a bit as we waited for a flight in front of a CNN enslaved big screen.

When they put up a poll result that showed Obama leading Romney in a swing state, she said to me “Do you believe that?”

Somewhat surprised I replied “Oh, you’re a conservative?”

She responded “I don’t really know what I am.”

I asked her this question “When you take something, do you believe you should pay for it?”

“Yes” she replied.

“Then you’re a conservative” I concluded.

She smiled.

As I parted, I told her I hope God helps her find a wonderful husband some day and that she deserved it.

She smiled wider.

Even the girls on Good Morning America this week, talking about the 29-year-old olympic athlete, were downing the men in her life that split when they found out she wouldn’t have sex with them.

It’s natural to want to save yourself for the best.

Go to any father-daughter dance in America and find me one dad promoting his daughter as an easy mark and I’ll pay you $100.

Sometimes money, sex and fame actually do take a back seat to integrity.

So rare these days.


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