The Heavenly Data Plan

One of the decisions we all make in our wired world today is a how we’ll stay connected.

I often get notified, when I overuse my phone, that my text message inbox is 80% full and needs to be managed

Just yesterday, when checking voice mail I realized there was an excessive amount–twelve.

As I replayed them, somehow, through the magic of Verizon’s memory banks, eleven of them were voice messages from a year ago I had deleted.

It was a bit creepy knowing someone has the power to hang on to them against your will.

In the world of computers, nothing is ever really deleted.

God has that same power but His is to the “n’th” degree, with no limitation.

He stores every conversation, including those we’ve had in our hearts, in the world’s largest server…His Omniscience.  (That means unlimited power.)

The thought of that should scare everyone, even an atheist who doubts His premise.

We have choices.

We can have all of those conversations played back for us on our day of reckoning, by choosing to stand by our human goodness.

Or, like Peter–when He first met Jesus, he shouted, get away from me Lord for I am a sinner–we can realize our own depravity and beg God for His Mercy.

Each time I call in for tech support, I’m prompted to press various numbers to get there.

With God, we dial in the second we speak His name in reverence…just like the good thief on the cross.

His prayers were answered before anyone had a chance to condemn his boldness.

Press 1 for stubbornness, believing there is no God.

Press 2 for procrastination, acting as if we’ll eventually get around to Him.

Press 3 for the Blood of Christ, to wash away every bad decision we’ve ever made.


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